Adversity to Opportunity

Lessons on Changing Adversity to Opportunity

AdversityToOpportunity-PatrickSnowOn a Sunday afternoon, Kaika and his friends were again playing wiffle ball beneath their favorite banyan tree when a tourist approached them. The man asked whether he could throw a few pitches with Kaika and his friends. This man had an enormous smile on his face, and he seemed genuinely interested in tossing a few pitches at the boys and Leilani to try to strike them out.

As they played, the man said, “My name is Albert. It is a blessing to be here in Maui! You kids are so lucky to live here. What are your names?” Leilani and the boys all gave him their names, and Kaika, who was the last to respond, said, “My name is Kaika. Where are you from Albert?” Albert replied, “I am originally from Accra, Ghana (in West Africa), but I am an ‘opportunist’, so I travel all over the world speaking about opportunities.” Immediately, Kaika asked, “What is an opportunist?” Albert replied:

“An opportunist is someone who turns his obstacles and adversities into new opportunities!”

Recognize the Opportunity

Then Albert said, “Let me give you an example. What obstacles are you faced with, Kaika?” Kaika replied, “My baseball team won the Maui regional tournament, and now I am trying to figure out a way to raise $500 to go play the next tournament in California.” “That’s great!” said Albert. “So what is the problem?” Kaika responded, “I can’t go because my mother and grandmother can’t afford to pay my way!”

Albert thought about this statement for a moment and then he said, “Do you see this cruise ship behind me? It is full of 3,000 opportunities for you to raise money for your trip.” “How so?” asked Kaika. “Growing up in Ghana,” said Albert, “I was always selling things to people who walked by on the street. You can do the same thing here in Maui if you can find something the tourists can’t purchase anywhere else that will remind them of their visit to Maui.”

Kaika immediately smiled. An idea had suddenly come into his mind. This idea, if thoroughly executed, would solve Kaika’s dilemma.

Build on the Opportunity

DanceforSuccess-PatrickSnowAlbert now started walking toward the Whole Foods grocery store across Hana Highway. As he left, he waved and said, “Good luck to you Kaika, and remember: Turn the obstacles into opportunities and always dance to the beat of your own drums!”

After reading this experience in Kaika’s life, pinpoint and list five obstacles and adversities that are currently challenging you in your life that may actually turn out to be opportunities in disguise. Make the decision to overcome each one. In doing so, you will become unstoppable!

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