Attaining Job Security

Is There Such a Thing as Attaining Job Security?

No Job Security - Patrick SnowThe problem with many working people today is that they believe that job security is attainable. Once they have a job, most people think their career challenges are over.

This is false: Job Security no longer exists.

In today’s high tech world, companies face even greater challenges to remain competitive. These companies will do anything to build the bottom line, including laying off people.

The funny thing is that they don’t say they are firing you, they say you are being laid off, i.e., you just happen to be one of the unfortunate ones.

With the recession in late 2000 and 2001, I personally know literally thousands of people who have been laid off, including myself.

I was a victim of corporate downsizing

Unfortunately in September 2001, I too was a victim of corporate downsizing. Eight days after the September 11th tragedy (and after almost three years of a successful sales record), I was laid off by Merix. Thankfully I received an attractive severance package and was able to get another sales position within two weeks with a competitor in the printed circuit board industry, TTM Technologies.

This experience of being laid off was very difficult for me, but through this adversity, I learned the truth of what Nietzsche said:

“That which does not kill, strengthens.”

After eighteen months at TTM Technologies, I was again laid off due to much of the U.S. printed circuit board manufacturing being shifted to offshore manufacturers in Asia.

As a result of this experience (being laid off twice in as many years), I decided that I would never put myself in a situation where I was dependent on a job to support my family.

I made a plan for my own destiny…

Independent Entrepreneur - Patrick SnowI remember driving that day, northbound on I-5 heading back toward Seattle, deciding I was going to transition my part-time business to full time and become unstoppable as I pursued my business goals. Since then, there have been many bumps in the road, but I have never looked back, and now my business is soaring.

It was at this time that I also launched my publishing coaching services with Best Seller Publishing Coaching. The publishing coaching portion of my business has been a great way for me to supplement by business as a speaker while simultaneously helping numerous people from all walks of life publish their books.

As a result of these adversities and diversifying my business, today I am no longer dependent on corporate America to support my family.

Getting back to layoffs, the problem is that when companies go through downsizing, the victims (including myself) have virtually nothing to show for their work except old paystubs. Most simply look for another job, hoping that they can get hired (so they can probably get slapped in the face again). This is foolish, haven’t these victims learned their lesson?

To combat this, I recommend that you do some soul-searching (as I have done) and turn your hobby into a home based business. Then, if you do happen to get laid off, at least you have a second alternative to fall back on.

You owe it to yourself and your family to build something that becomes an asset, rather than just wasting time on a job, renting out your skills and looking for job security.

This is an excerpt from my book “Creating Your Own Destiny”.

As a Motivational Keynote Speaker, I can speak on this subject or adapt my subject to your audience.

Contact me the next time you need a speaker for your event.

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