Why Writing a Blog is a Great Marketing Tool

MarketingTool-PatrickSnowlBlogging is a fantastic way to get your message out into the marketplace. However, the challenge here is the time it takes to write your own blog and create a large following of readers. When promoting the Wiley release of my first book Creating Your Own Destiny, I learned how to build a following from a pioneer in the industry. In his book The New Rules of Marketing and PR, David Meerman Scott talks about how the media is completely changing the way everything is done on the Internet, and more specifically, how authors’ strategies are changing so they can better market their books.

In the olden days, authors would publish a book and then blast e-mails out to their clients and to their list in hopes that people would purchase their books. This worked in the beginning, but it does not work anymore. Additionally, authors would e-mail or fax press releases to journalists in hopes that these journalists would actually go out of their way to write a story on their books. Well, the problem there is two fold:

  1. The journalist often does not get to select the exact subject matter he or she writes about. Many times journalists have bosses or managing editors who decide what content is produced by that newspaper or magazine.
  2. Journalist’ in-boxes are flooded with hundreds of press releases that have been sent to them. Not to mention that the amount of mail received by journalists is also overwhelming.

Long story short, David Meerman Scott realized there had to be a better way for authors to be seen and heard. His idea was to get bloggers in the equation, so he amassed a list of 150 of the largest bloggers in North America who blogged on his subject matter (social media and public relations). He then sent a review copy of his book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR, to the bloggers on the list, asking them to blog about his book.

His results were absolutely stunning. In roughly the first 90 days, he sold thousands of books and hit the best seller lists. With Creating Your Own Destiny, I applied David’s wisdom and strategy to my book. In the process, I realized a couple of things.

SocialNetworking-PatrickSnowFirst, yes, it is important to be active in social networking and to develop thousands of followers and friends. But no matter how many friends we attract (unless you are Ashton Kutcher, whom I understand has more followers than anyone on the planet), you will never be able to attract as many fans and friends as the top bloggers in your area already have reading their blogs. My thoughts were that since bloggers oftentimes work from home and rarely get large volumes of mail, they can actually select the subject matters they write about and determine when to write about it, so David Meerman Scott’s strategy was pure genius.

Secondly, I discovered the one flaw in this strategy. Why would anyone blog about my book without my doing anything in return? I could have solved that problem by starting my own blog and blogging about the other bloggers, thereby returning the favor, but I did not want to get into the blog space and try to compete for readers. I concluded that it made more sense for me to be a matchmaker, a resource for existing bloggers, and to create a link on my site called “Cool Blogs.” Next I would add each blogger’s name, blog address, and subject matter to my site and promote his or her book and blog to my large list of subscribers. Next, I would show this link on my page to these bloggers, and finally, I would follow up with a preview copy of my book and cover letter asking them to help me out, just as I had done for them.

Bottom line, I do something for them by promoting their blogs, and in return, they promote my book, thereby creating a win-win situation. When Creating Your Own Destiny was republished by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. in April 2010, my results of leveraging other people’s blogs resulted in the sale of thousands of books.

Whether you enjoy blogging yourself, hiring a blogger or leveraging other people’s blogs…blogging is a fantastic way to get your message out into the marketplace.

This is an excerpt from my book The Affluent Entrepreneur.

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