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6 Steps For Branding You…

BrandingYou-PatrickSnowIn my last article I discussed, in reference to your business, “How to Build Your Brand and Stand Out In the Crowd”. Now, you need to decide how to brand you…

As an Affluent Entrepreneur, you are the brand your customers want. They want your signature, your imprint, your branding. They want you! That is why people prefer Ralph Lauren’s Polo brand jeans compared to Wal-Mart’s Faded Glory brand. People always want a Mercedes Benz or BMW over a Hyundai or Chevrolet. It all comes down to branding.

So the question is this: How can you brand yourself, your products, or services? People often ask, “What if I have a job and work for a major Fortune 500 company? Can I brand myself as an employee?”  Absolutely you can. Not only can you, but you must if you are to protect yourself from layoffs and downsizing.

As an employee you must show up to work every day, putting forth your best effort, continuing to build your brand yourself as one of the most valuable employees in the organization. You must look at yourself as an entrepreneur, with your number one customer being your employer. Your employer is your top priority. Whatever need, goal, or objective your employer has set out for you to accomplish, not only must you meet that goal, but you also should go the extra mile to outperform the other employees.

In doing so, the results you create will give you the confidence and resume’ to go out and get another job should you be served with layoff papers. Or better yet, you will gain the confidence to go out and start your own business and become an Affluent Entrepreneur.

So how can you, as an Affluent Entrepreneur, brand yourself?

Follow these 6 Steps for branding you:

1 – Have your photo on your business card, website, book and auto-signature in email. Go out and get a world-class photo taken by a professional in your nicest clothes. If you don’t like the way it looks, have the professional Photoshop it to make you look your very best. My photo was taken when I just returned from a family vacation in Maui so I was super tan. Rarely am I that tan. Also, I had a couple of fever blisters on y lips due to the sunburn, which the experts were able to Photoshop away.

BrandingColorScheme-PatrickSnow2 – Use a consistent color scheme on all of your marketing materials. My color scheme for my business includes the following colors: blue, beige, teal, and gold. I use these four colors over and over again in all I do with my books, website, flyers, and business cards. You can do the same. Find a color scheme that matches your passion, your message, and your business model, and then stay consistent.

3 – Create “branding statements” that capture your prospects’ attention. On my main web site,, I have a couple of different branding statements at the top to attract visitors. These include:

  1. “Helping You Get More Out of Life and Work…” I don’t know about you, but I certainly want more out of life and work. Virtually everyone wants more out of life, and I believe that when we create and follow our own destinies, we can get more out of life!
  2. “Helping Entrepreneurs Become Best Selling-Authors…”  Again, if you are going to write a book, don’t you want to become a best-selling author? Let’s face it; there is no reason to play unless you are going to play to win.

4 – Create a “branding name” that is unforgettable and that the media will use to refer to you and will make people remember you. Well known marketer Seth Godin is called “America’s Greatest Marketer.” Who wouldn’t want to be called that? I don’t know if he gave himself that label, or someone else gave it to him, but it doesn’t matter – either way, that branding is genius!

When I first started my speaking business in the early 1990s, another professional in the industry asked me, “Well after all, just who is Patrick Snow, and why should we care?” I realized at the time there was a point to that question. Since I was just starting to think about writing a book about “destiny”, I figured I needed to brand myself using the word “destiny” and “study” or “teacher of destiny.” Having recently graduated from the University of Montana, academic titles were in my thoughts, so I called up my web master, Tony Wall, and told him to call me, “Patrick Snow, ‘The Dean of Destiny.’ ” He did just that, and I have included it in all of my speaking introductions ever since. It has stuck and now people regularly refer to me as “The Dean of Destiny.”

You can do the same. Think for a moment, right now, about what your “branding name” can be. Once you have nailed it, use it on your website and all of your other marketing materials.

In my next article I will finish the 6 Steps of Branding you…

This is an excerpt from my book The Affluent Entrepreneur.

As a Motivational Keynote Speaker, I can speak on this subject or adapt my subject to your audience.

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