Building a Business

Do You Need Ideas to Build a Business?

Building a business“Act boldly, and unseen forces will come to your aid.” ~ Brian Tracy

My solution for attaining wealth today is to own and operate your own business. Owning a business is not just a good idea, it is a necessity if you desire to get ahead and create long term financial peace of mind as you plan for retirement.

I sincerely believe what business consultant Brent Brodine says about this topic:

Retiring with a million dollars is not a luxury, but a necessity.”

If you don’t know what type of business to launch, I recommend that you visit my web site, and click on “Free Stuff”, then click “50 Home-Based Business Ideas” to further help you sort through the many business opportunities you can pursue.

I do believe that anyone can be successful in launching a business if that business is one they are passionate about and believe in. Successful businesses take time, money, energy, and most of all action – and action springs from passion.

7 Desirable Traits for Business Ownership

Build security, build a businessIn the course of appearing as a featured guest on hundreds of radio stations across North America (addressing unhappy workers), I am constantly asked what types of businesses are the best to pursue.

I believe there is not one “right” business, but I do believe the best kinds of businesses share these seven desireable attributes. You are able to:

  1. Run them from the comfort of your home (on your schedule)
  2. Match them to your passions (you can’t be successful doing something you don’t enjoy)
  3. Operate them without having to hire employees (you don’t want to be a baby-sitter)
  4. Get started with a low investment (franchises can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars)
  5. Make money whether you are working or sleeping (a Web store provides flexibility)
  6. Build the business without having to purchase huge amounts of inventory (garages are for cars)
  7. Utilize the Internet as your storefront to sell your products and services 24 hours per day, seven days a week, on a global basis.

I believe there are a million ways to make a million dollars. All it takes is for you to properly execute one way.

While there are thousands of great businesses out there, many of which share the attributes just mentioned, to me these three areas stand out.Real Estate Business

  • Real Estate Investing (because of real estate appreciation)
  • Network Marketing (due to teamwork and residual income)
  • Operating an Internet Marketing business (with the resulting ability to reach the global marketplace 24/7)

This is an excerpt taken from my book “Creating Your Own Destiny”.

If you are an event or meeting planner, this is one of the many topics I can speak on, or I will be happy to customize the topic to relate to the needs and interests of the audience I will be speaking to.

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