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In our last article Proper Planning for Success we talked about the importance of using a calendar or day planner to organize your work.

Today I would like to talk about planning your time with flexibility and creating great daily habits.

The Importance of Flexible Planning

Goals Should be Flexible-Patrick SnowA second element to mastering time is implementing flexible planning. I first learned about flexible planning more than 15 years ago from Charlie “Tremendous” Jones. His book, Life is Tremendous, introduced me to the concept of flexible planning. Without this knowledge, I know I would not be where I am today.

To do flexible planning, I suggest the following:

  • Throughout the month, consistently write down your deadlines, tasks and responsibilities.***
  • Once you have all your “to-dos” written down in your calendar book (not on loose paper or lists), prioritize each item in terms of its importance related to your daily successes.
    • For example, you may have ten main items written down for a particular day. All may look very time consuming, even overwhelming. But by prioritizing the items from most (1) to least (10) important, you can focus on a particular task. You may not complete all 10 items (or whatever number you have) that day. That’s fine – the next day, re-prioritize your “to-do” list based on what is yet to be completed.

As a result of following this strategy, every day you will always make progress by getting the most important things done first.

You can develop your own system for checking off activities as they are completed. I recommend that you put a circle next to each activity and them, rather than crossing out the entire activity once completed, put an “X” through the circle. This helps you when you need to refer back to previous dates – your activities won’t all be crossed out and difficult to read.

Developing Good “Time” Habits

Habits are the things we do over and over. I’m a firm believer in programming myself to do certain things at set periods of time. If I plan correctly – again, there’s that would “plan” – I’ll be able to far surpass what I would otherwise be able to accomplish.

It’s important to develop good habits in all areas of your life if you want to experience a tremendous amount of success.

The neat thing about habits is that studies have shown that if you work on doing something for 21 straight days, then it becomes a habit and you no longer need to work to do it.

Executing your plan will be the difference between winning and losing.

Today’s actions equals tomorrow’s results. This requires world champion performers to provide leadership in all areas of life, by balancing family, faith, wealth and health for the long term, while keeping a positive mental attitude that they desire their children to have when they grow up.

Planning Equals Success - Patrick SnowUse your time wisely because you have a definite destination – the realization of your destiny. After all, Montaigne said:

No wind favors he who has no port.

***A Special Note:  You’ll be, almost daily, removing and adding items to your main “to-do” list. If you practice the concept of flexible planning on a daily basis, I guarantee you that you’ll never miss another deadline. How many people can say that?

**This is an excerpt from my book: “Creating Your Own Destiny”

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