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Advertising vs Marketing

Let’s discuss how and where you should spend your limited budget, your time, and your money marketing your business. As you will read, I have never been a big fan of advertising your business. I think it is both risky and expensive, and it often doesn’t generate a single phone call or lead.

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Business Networking

How many networking groups have you joined? I am hopeful that the answer to this question is at least one. The goal of these groups is to leverage each other’s networking and provide leads for others. As you share leads, they will share leads with you.

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Leverage Your Network

If you want more money in your life, you must not only count on your own income-earning abilities but also the abilities of those in your network. You must become the leader in your life and in your family. You must be willing to learn fro other leaders and put these financial life lessons to work in your life.

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