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Who Will Be Your Closing Speaker?

Patrick Snow - Closing SpeakerAs an event or meeting planner, the responsibility of a successful event falls on your shoulders.

Although you may delegate some tasks to different people, you are ultimately in charge of the whole production, from start to finish.

You have probably been given a theme that dictates the direction you will be planning around.

After the venue is chosen, you’ll need to zero in on what is probably the most important part of the event:

The Speakers

Although there could be more, typically there are at least 3 main speakers that you will need to focus on:

  1. The Opening Speaker – Your opening speaker will set the stage for the event, possibly introduce the theme and key participants. Your opening speaker should also get people excited to be there and ready to participate.
  2. The Keynote Speaker– Your keynote speaker may expound on the theme, be motivational, inspirational and entertaining.
  3. The Closing Speaker – Closes the event.

What should you look for in a closing speaker?

Like the previous 2 speakers, the closing speaker has a specific responsibility.

Attending an eventIt’s the end of the event, attendees have listened a lot, hopefully participated a lot, and have been given a great deal of information to digest and retain.

You need a closing speaker who will continue to keep the audience involved and energized.

Your closing speaker should understand what the event has been about, what the intended goals were, what other speakers talked about and what activities were participated in.

Because they will be the last voice of the event, the one that will be remembered the most, the closing speaker’s  job is to tie everything together.

They should send people away feeling great about what they have just experienced, renewed  and ready to go forward and act upon the ideas and suggestions that have been presented.

Are you looking for a closing speaker that can do all of that and more?

Patrick SnowAs an international best selling author and motivational speaker, Patrick Snow has spoken to and excited audiences for over 20 years.

Known as the “Dean of Destiny” he firmly believes that everyone can achieve their own destiny if they will “Dream, Plan, Execute and Soar.”

Patrick is a best-selling author. His books “Creating Your Own Destiny” and “The Affluent Entrepreneur”  are motivational and share his positive outlook and life experiences. Each book contains many great topics that he can speak on or incorporate into your event.

Patrick is a highly respected and successful closing speaker, motivating and inspiring audiences of all sizes.

Some of his extremely satisfied clients are:

  • Boeing
  • Marriott
  • Coldwell Banker
  • Ford
  • New York Life
  • Avon
  • Windermere

Contact him for your next event.

He will send your participants home motivated and energized!


“Never in my life have I experienced someone who has directly energized my team to maximize the behaviors that we instill in them.   Patrick Snow speaks with passion, humor and tells lots of great inspirational stories.   He was definitely worth the investment and we will have him back again next year for our conference!”

Brody Long / Senior Marketing Manager, Marriott Maui Ocean Club (Maui, HI)

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