Creating Destiny

Creating Your Own Destiny

Put on earth to create destiny“Creating Your Own Destiny” is an international best selling book by Patrick Snow, author and motivational speaker.

Destiny is what each of us, as unique individuals, is put on earth to do, to become.

Our destinies reside within us. Destiny is our freedom, the great potential we have, the “supposed force” waiting only for our minds to unleash it.

“Your heart is born free; have the courage to follow it.” ~ William Wallace

From the Introduction to the book:

As I have marketed and promoted this book, I have come to the realization that many people do not believe it is possible to create their own destiny.

You will learn from reading this book I am not one of those people. I wrote this book to assist you in stretching your mind to consider what is possible in your life.

My goal is to offer strategies, resources and tools to convince you that, despite the current adversities and obstacles in your life, you can indeed create your own destiny.

Let’s start this journey of self-exploration together by asking you a few very important questions. Your answers to these questions will send you on a personal quest to seek the truth in your life setting you free to pursue your destiny. Taking action on the answers to these questions will give you a life of happiness, freedom and prosperity.

Questions to answer:

  • Are you unhappy at work?Unhappy at work
  • Do you want more out of life?
  • Do you want to experience true freedom?
  • Are you really free?
  • Are you doing each and every day what your heart is calling you to do in both your professional and personal life?

I speak in front of thousands of people every year, and when I ask that question, very few people raise their hands. Why? Most people aren’t free.

They’ve become slaves to their job or their life circumstances. They struggle with the things one “must” do:

  • Paying of credit card debt
  • Working a full time job (or even two jobs)
  • Taking evening classes
  • Supporting their families and raising children
  • Living from paycheck to paycheck
  • Making monthly mortgage payments etc.

What do people want?

Over the course of a dozen years, I have interviewed thousands of disgruntled and unhappy employees across North American and leaned that we all want the same thing:

  • We all want more out of life
  • Most people basically want six things:
    • More time
    • More money
    • More freedom
    • More health
    • More love
    • More happiness

How then, can each of us get more out of life and recapture, as William Wallace said, our “heart…born free?”Live your dream

I believe we become free when we create and then follow our destinies.

Through my book, you will learn how to dream again. I will show you how to plan and execute to fulfill your dreams. As a result, you will soar for the rest of your life.

If you are an event or meeting planner, “how to create your own destiny” is one of the many topics I can speak on, or I will be happy to customize the topic to relate to the needs and interests of the audience I will be speaking to.

Please contact meĀ  the next time you need an Opening Speaker or a Keynote Speaker.


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