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The 20 Character Traits of Affluent Entrepreneurs

EntrepreneurialIdeas-PatrickSnowFor years, people have been telling me that I am different, more driven and more determined. It did not take me long to come to agree with them. However, I never really understood why that was the case. As a result of studying the Affluent Entrepreneurs’ profile, I have discovered why. Here are the traits that I consider define me as being different. Look inwardly at your own character traits and see whether the traits below that describe Affluent Entrepreneurs also describe you:

Traits of Affluent Entrepreneurs:

  1. Always keep their faith and families as a top priority.
  2. Learned how to earn money for themselves in their early teens.
  3. See their exact visions clearly and never stray from those visions or their beliefs.
  4. Quick to identify and take action on a multitude of opportunities.
  5. Will begin a project even when the means to achieve the goal is not known, realizing it can be course-corrected as progress is made.
  6. Self-confidence that is often mistaken for too big an ego.
  7. Driven to accomplish audacious goals and make a difference in the world.
  8. TirelessEntrepreneur-PatrickSnowWilling to work tirelessly and do whatever it takes to get the job done.
  9. Ignore ridicule from others for having an optimistic and dreaming mind-set.
  10. Almost always use angel investors to fund enterprises.
  11. Interested in mentoring youth of today to become leaders of tomorrow.
  12. Independent and do not like or recognize other people’s authority over them.
  13. Very successful leaders who are not concerned about who or how many are following them.
  14. Rule breakers willing to do what’s right in order to achieve a greater good.
  15. Always taking calculated risks to grow their businesses and serve customers.
  16. Fans of underdogs and believers that nothing is impossible in life or business.
  17. Fearless in regard to whatever are their missions.
  18. Could care less what other people think of them.
  19. Extremely passionate and misunderstood by virtually everyone.
  20. With hearts as big as goldmines, they reach out to help others in need.

Ask yourself how many of these character traits you possess. If 12 or more, then there is no doubt that you will become an Affluent Entrepreneur and leave a legacy in this world for others to benefit from for hundreds of years to come. If fewer than 12, then you may want to keep your day job, play it safe, and live a life of mediocrity, never really making a difference in this world.

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