Hire a Business Coach

Why Should You Hire a Business Coach?

DoubleIncome-PatrickSnowLet me answer that question, using my story as an example:

Have you ever wondered what you could do to double your personal income without having to do work twice as much?

I too have desired this result for years, and it took finding the right coach for this to happen in my business. Just as I coach people all over the world, I too have a coach.In fact, I have many coaches whose expertise I have leveraged in order to grow my business. One of my favorite coaches is Dennis Sutter, a very successful real estate coach. He helps real estate agents all ovr the world double their personal income. In fact, his system helps virtually any entrepreneur double their income without having to spend any more hours working on their business.

In one of our early coaching sessions, I was telling Dennis of my concern about being spread too thin and being pulled in all directions. Let’s face it, many small business owners often feel that way. I told him that I am the CEO of my company but also the janitor. I am the VP of sales, as well as the director of administration, billing, accounting and accounts receivable.

A Business Coach’s clarity…

WearingTooManyHats-PatrickSnowThe challenge of wearing so many hats, according to Dennis, is that, in doing so many different tasks, our prospecting hours are reduced drastically or, in some cases, eliminated altogether. He believes it is all a matter of putting time in to prospecting and sooner or later you will get the business. You will have so many prospects that some of them will always come your way. Dennis emphasizes the importance of being the VP of sales for your company for a minimum of four hours every day (if you are full time). If you are part-time, and only working your business two hours per day, make sure at least one hour of your day is spent prospecting.

The affect on my business…

I have implemented these strategies with my business and I am now earning almost two times what I was earning before implementing Dennis Sutter’s strategy. I have leveraged his knowledge, expertise and experience, now I experience two times the revenue in my business. Dennis Sutter has several other strategies that he gladly shares with his clients.

If you are serious about doubling your income and want to hire Dennis Sutter as your coach, you can reach him at (206) 499-0200. He does not have a website since all of his clients come by word of mouth.

Whether you hire Dennis or someone else, hiring a business coach is a good investment of time and money!

Exercise: Write down…What changes can you ake in your dily schedule to ensure that you spend a minimum of four hours every day prospecting?

This is an excerpt from my book: “Creating Your Own Destiny”

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