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Are You Looking for a Keynote Speaker?

Patrick Snow - Keynote SpeakerIf you are a meeting or event planner, you have a big job. You may be hired from an outside source or you may work for the company having the event. Your job in planning a convention or meeting is to plan and coordinate everything from the venue of the event to the keynote speaker.

Each event will be different and have different needs, expectations and challenges.

Each event or meeting will have a theme

The planner will use that theme in creating the program to effectively address the intended message. Some of the duties might be:

  • Location
  • Printed materials
  • Entertainment
  • Catering
  • Production equipment
  • Speakers

Keynote Speaker

Possible one of the most important tasks is to find the right keynote speaker.

Keynote is an interesting label for a speaker. The term actually comesĀ  from when an cappella choir plays a single note before beginning their song – a key note that will start them all in the right place and basically determine the outcome of the performance.

A keynote speaker has the same purpose. They are to set the tone of the meeting or event, introduce the theme and the message and highlight the objectives.

A good keynote speaker will also be energetic, entertaining, inspirational and motivational.

Are You Looking for a Great Keynote Speaker?Patrick Snow - Keynote Speech - Las Vegas

Patrick Snow is a international best-selling author, professional keynote speaker, publishing coach, and Internet entrepreneur. He firmly believes we can all achieve our individual and organizational destinies when we “Dream, Plan, Execute and Soar.”

Patrick Snow has electrified and inspired more than 1,500 audience worldwide over the last 20 years to create their own destinies and get exactly what they want out of life and work. Today, he is known as “The Dean of Destiny” by high achievers worldwide.

Patrick speaks to all sizes of events, from luncheons to conventions. A versatile speaker, he will customize his message to your needs as he motivates and inspires your audience.

His books, “Creating Your Own Destiny” and “The Affluent Entrepreneur” address a variety of topics and experiences that he can draw from to create that perfect speech for your event.

Patrick is a highly respected and successful keynote speaker.

Contact him for your next event.

Enjoy this short video which is an excerpt of one of Patrick’s speeches.


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