Limiting Beliefs

Self-Limiting Beliefs May Be Holding You Back

Get rid of your self limiting beliefsYOUR BIGGEST OBSTACLE IS YOU

Before I offer you my formula, it’s important to identify your self-limiting beliefs.

Your biggest obstacle isn’t another company or entrepreneur, but you.

Your mind can help or hurt you, depending on how you’ve programmed it. Rather than focusing on doubts, you must learn to believe and trust in yourself.

The best way to develop a strong belief in yourself is to set small, attainable goals. As
you execute these goals, you’ll learn you’re capable of overcoming your self-doubt,
enabling you to achieve more far-reaching goals.

Once you win the mind battle, you can accomplish all you envision. Your mind will
ignite a fire in your heart. As you experience this, you’ll become an unstoppable force,
capable of achieving more success and freedom than you could’ve ever imagined.


It’s important to analyze why people purchase from one company over another. If you
ask buyers, most say, “strong relationships.” People buy from people they like. If you
want to increase sales, develop more solid relationships. The entrepreneur who
accomplishes this will ultimately get the biggest results.

Here’s Sales Success Formula I suggest you use:

Trust (T) + Respect (R) + Need (N) + Ask (A) = Money ($)

Like every formula, each part must occur to reach the desired outcome. Trust is crucial to
close sales. Your prospect may respect your company, and they may have a need, but if
they don’t trust you, they won’t buy from you.

To build trust, show your prospect you care about their success. When a buyer sees you
do, they’ll trust you. The best way to earn this trust and respect is to let your prospect
share their problems with you.

Another way to build trust in the relationship is to ask about the buyer and his or her
interests. Questions can include those about their family, children, and hobbies. Asking
these questions will give you a better idea of their interests.

Respect is another key component to this equation. It’s possible to trust someone and not
respect them. The best way to build respect is to follow-up on action items as promised.
Always respond in a timely manner. Show the prospect you value their business.

All too often, entrepreneurs forget to ask if there’s a need for their service. It’s vital to
qualify need as quickly as you can. Without it (regardless of how much trust and respect
you’ve established) you’ll never close the sale. To discover a prospect’s need, ask them if
they’re in the market for your product or service. If not, move on to the next prospect and
qualify their need.

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