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Do You Need a Speaker for Your Next Business Event?

Image of A great motivational speaker - Patrick SnowPatrick Snow is a motivational speaker and author who writes and speaks not only about “Creating Your Own Destiny“, but also creating your own brand.

This is an excerpt from his book “The Affluent Entrepreneur” and is one of the many topics he could inspire your audience with.

Branding “You”

As the Affluent Entrepreneur, you are the brand your customers want. They want your signature, your imprint, your branding. They want you!

That is why people prefer Ralph Lauren’s Polo brand jeans compared to Wal-Mart’s Faded Glory brand. People always want a Mercedes Benz or BMW over a Hyundai or Chevrolet. It all comes down to branding.

So, the question is this: How can you brand yourself, your products or your services?

People often ask, “What if I have a job and work for a major Fortune 500 company? Can I brand myself as an employee?” Absolutely your can. Not only can you, but you must if you are to protect yourself from layoffs and downsizing.

As an employee you must show up to work every day, putting forth your best effort, continuing to build your brand yourself as one of the most valuable employees in the organization. You must look at yourself an an entrepreneur, with your number one customer being your employer.

Your employer is your top priority. Whatever need, goal, or objective your employer has set out for you to accomplish, not only must you meet the goal, but you also should go the extra mile to outperform the other employees.

In doing sop, the results you create will give you the confidence and resume to go out and get another job should you be served with layoff papers. Or better yet, you will gain the confidence to go out and start your own business and become an Affluent Entrepreneur.

Tips for Branding Yourself

  1. Image of Brand yourself with your picture on your business card - Patrick SnowHave your photo on your business card, web site, book and auto-signature in e-mail.
  2. Use a consistent color scheme on all of your marketing materials.
  3. Create “branding statements” that capture your prospects’ attention.
  4. Create a “branding name” that is unforgettable and that the media will use to refer to you.
  5. Create “branding websites” that speak exactly to your product or service.
  6. Have your signature on all of your work, website, book and so on…

Image of Business Branding and Logo Clothing - Patrick SnowNow take a look at his list of 6 items I’ve provided you, all of which you can do immediately with all of your marketing pieces so they will better brand you and your product or service. You may also want to consider putting your brand on hats, T-shirts, bumper stickers and so on.

I’m always amazed at how willing people are to wear branded clothing, sometimes even purchasing the items, and then walk down the street as your billboard.

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