Negative People

Why You Should Ignore Negative People…

HavePositiveThoughts-PatrickSnowOne Sunday morning, Kaika woke at seven o’clock. He rode his bike down to the banyan tree at the end of the parking lot where the passengers would exit the ship on their way to the grocery store located across the Hana highway. Strapped to his bike was his milk crate and ten makau fishook necklaces wrapped safely in a white towel.

When the ship docked at eight o’clock, Kaika was in position and ready to sell his ten necklaces. Soon hundreds of tourists began to walk past his homemade display stand made from an upside down milk crate with a white beach towel for a tablecloth.

A generous tourist…

One older man stopped with his daughter to buy her necklace. The older man asked, “Young boy, what is your name?” Kaika replied, “My name is Kaika, and I am trying to raise money to pay for my baseball trip to California. What is your name and where are your from?” The older man said, “My name is Les and I was born and raised in Miami, but now I live in Chicago. I am a radio host, author and speaker.”

Les reached into his wallet and pulled out a crisp, brand new $100 bill and said, “I will take two makau necklaces for $50 .” Then as Kaika racked his brains trying to think how he could make change for a $100 bill, Les said, “Son, you can keep the $50 change!”

Kaika smiled as if he had just won the lottery. He now had a crisp $100 bill in his pocket. Les was known for being a big tipper.

Les then said to him, “According to my travel book, Maui also has a swap meet every Saturday here in Kahului; you should sell your makau necklaces there also.” Kaika replied, “Yes, I tried that yesterday, but I was kicked out because I was told I am too young and I do not have a business license!”

A valuable lesson…

Les replied, “Son…you gotta be HUNGRY! Let me share with you the most important wisdom my grade school teacher, Mr Jackson, once taught me:

Never, under any circumstances, let someone else’s opinion of you determine your reality!”

LiveYourOwnLife-PatrickSnowTherefore, next Saturday, get there early and set up your sales stand just outside of the swap meet’s front entrance in the grass area next to the parking lot. You can then sell your necklaces outside the entrance gate without a license, regardless of your age!” Kaika thanked Les for his advice, and the next week, he did set up his booth outside the swap meet’s entrance. But he did not make a single sale! Then on Sunday, he again attempted to sell his makau necklaces under the banyan tree to the cruise ship tourists. By the end of that weekend, he still had made only one sale (the $100 worth of his creations to Les from the cruise ship the previous weekend). He was getting quite discouraged and wondered whether he could ever raise the required $400 more to go on the trip. Furthermore, he had just been elected team captain for his trip to California, so he was questioning his leadership skills, especially if he could not be successful selling his creations….

You can read what happened after this by clicking on this link: Lessons on Becoming the Leader

Take a moment and write down the three most positive people in your life, what can you learn from them?

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