Overcoming Adversity

Do You Run From or Overcome Adversity?

Adversity Can Make Us Stronger - Patrick Snow“My advantage is that I can endure more pain than anyone else in the world.”  – Steve Prefontaine

To reach your life’s destiny and to achieve more love and more health, you will need to eliminate all excuses and reasons not to do something.

You’ll also need to overcome addiction and adversity. One you can control (addictions), the other you often can’t control (adversity).

Additionally, you will need to gain control over your temptations.

But if you are a person who can beat adversity, temptation and addiction, and you also stay true to your core values and beliefs, then nothing will stop you.

Overcoming Adversities

Here are some specific ways to both anticipate adversities and to overcome them when they do enter your life:

  • Understand that adversities are only temporary (better times are bound to come.) Nothing lasts forever, in other words. Focus as much as possible on solutions rather than the negative aspects of the adversity.
  • Appreciate all the good in your life. Even when something bad happens, you still have many positive things to draw on: your health, family, children, freedom, etc.
  • Adversity Often Opens Doors - Patrick SnowRemember the people before you who have persevered when faced with more difficult times: Holocaust survivors, victims of war, POWs, etc.
  • Know deep in your heart that you have what it takes to persevere. You can face and overcome adversities. You’ve done it before, you’ll do it again.
  • Understand that when one door closes, another almost always opens up. Look for hidden opportunities when faced with an adversity; something positive is almost always lurking close behind.

Adversity is part of life

All of us will face adversity. It’s part of life. The adversity may not be as scary as having a house fire, or being a family victim of the September 11 tragedies, but the challenges along the road to your destiny can be just as severe.

In your quest to have a positive attitude, you must first focus on the positive.

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” –Friedrich Nietzsche

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