Service to Others

Lessons About theĀ Importance of Service to Others

ImportanceofService-PatrickSnowSummer was coming to an end, and Kaika remembered that he needed to write his two-page paper to turn into his seventh grade teacher on the first day of school. By this time, Kaika’s personal journal was full of quotes and entrepreneurial advice. Throughout the summer, he had jotted down in his journal every bit of wisdom and advice from his many clients from all over the world. They had each provided valuable wisdom and advice for a new business owner.

That morning, an older fellow and his redheaded wife walked up to Kaika. The man said, in a funny Southern accent, “Why, good morning young fellow. What are you selling?”

How to become the best…

Kaika confidently replied, “nothing less than the finest hand-carved Hawaiian jewelry in all the mighty Pacific. You won’t find another set of jewelry anywhere in the world as nice and polished as this set! How many sets are you going to take home today for your family and friends?

Clearly, as Kaika had sold more and more throughout the summer, his confidence and sales skills had improved tremendously.

The man smiled, said it was a pleasure to meet a young entrepreneur, and told Kaika his name was Zig. Then Zig said, “You remind me of how I became the number one door-to-door salesman of cookware in all of the South!” Kaika replied, “Please do share how you became the number one salesman in your company.” Zig excitedly replied in his Yazoo City, Mississippi accent, “The key to my success in life is the same key that will make you successful. It is to understand this principle and apply it to your everyday relationships for the rest of your life:

ServiceToOthers-PatrickSnowYou can have everything in life you want if you help enough other people get what they want!”

Kaika smiled because he understood the value of this advice. Zig then bought out the remainder of Kaika’s inventory. This kind of sale had never happened before, so he worked hard every evening all the next week carving new inventory to prepare for the last weekend before school started again.

How can you serve others more effectively?

Take an inventory of your talents and passions, and now list five ways you can bring more service to people, organizations, or non-profits in your community…now go do it!

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