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What is Your Sales Strategy?

Sales Strategy - Patrick SnowThere is an old Native American tale where a grandfather and his grandson are standing atop a plateau looking down into the valley below and admiring all of the buffalo grazing.

With excitement, the boy says to to his grandfather, “Let’s run down there and get us one of those buffalo.” The grandfather replies to his grandson, “No. Let’s walk down there and get them all.”

This story illustrates what I’m talking about when I say “hunting for big elephants.”. Instead of looking to sell just one of your products or services, I am asking you to think outside of the box, expand our level of thinking, and sell large volumes of your products or services to single buyers.

Start at the top…

Easier said than done. I know – I feel your pain. However, two books that I highly encourage you to read that will further drive home this point are Strategic Selling and Conceptual Selling, both by coauthors Robert Miller and Stephen Heiman, since both books will help you to understand the importance of always starting at the top.

Find the individual who has the ability to authorize the check, sign the purchase order, or move forward with the sale.


Entrepreneur Creating Revenue - Create Your Own DestinyIf you want to become an Affluent Entrepreneur, you must think like one and not focus on selling your products one at a time, but develop a big elephant mentality and sell in volume.

Identify the biggest buyer of your products or services in your marketplace and be bold and go after that big elephant prospect. Remember the grandfather talking to his grandson who said, “How about we walk down there and get them all?” That is the kind of mentality you need to develop if you are to become an Affluent Entrepreneur.

Warren Buffett’s rules are never to lose money, to be big and not to swing all that often, but when you do swing, swing for the fences.

By considering the ratio of the client to its wealth potential, you can determine whether an opportunity is a big elephant worth pursuing. Always remember that big elephants will feed a lot of people for a long time, so I challenge you to pursue those big elephant prospects and you will be on your way to achieving your personal wealth goals.

**This is an excerpt from my book: “The Affluent Entrepreneur”

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