Why Entrepreneurs Seek Mentors

Why Wise Entrepreneurs Seek Out Mentors

What My Mentor Has Taught Me…

SeekMentors-CreatingYourOwnDestinyOne way to leverage your network is to seek out mentors who can help you open doors and show you the way.  The world is full of mentors who want to help you achieve your destiny. Look for them, these people are all around you, looking to share their insights, knowledge and experience with you.

A key distinction between a mentor and a coach is that a coach is someone you pay to help you achieve your goals. Mentors help you from the bottom of their hearts, with no intention of ever being paid.

What I have learned from my mentor…

One of my greatest mentors is Brian Tracy, who is the best-selling author of 46 books that have sold more than 42 million copies world wide. My favorite Brian Tracy book is Many Miles to Go. He is considered by many as the world’s leading sales trainer and expert in the field of sales, marketing, management and entrepreneurship. As a result of Brian Tracy’s mentoring of me, I have learned one of the greatest lessons in the world about success. This lesson is that we need to study the successes and failures of other people. Mr. Tracy believes that there simply is not enough time in our lives to learn everything we need to know through our own life’s experiences. We can reduce our learning curve dramatically if we can take the best knowledge and experience from all of the world’s  expets who have already experienced many of the same life challenges.

SomeWontBuy-CreatingYourOwnDestinyBrian Tracy’s experiences remind me of the single most important skill that all successful sales people and entrepreneurs have mastered. His lesson is the importance of not taking rejection personally and to continue moving forward with other prospects, even when people tell you “no.” Let’s face it, some people will buy from you (or join your network) and some people won’t buy from your (or won’t join your network). So what? Other prospects are waiting. Remember this formula and apply it to all aspects of your life:

SW4: Some will, some won’t, so what, next, someone else is waiting!

My mentor lives by this motto and so must you if you want to achieve high levels of success and achieve your destiny. I have successfully built my business on this belief. I was able to develop this belief system as a 13 year-old kid in Michigan selling Detroit Free Press subscriptions door-to-door back in 1983.

Why seek out a great mentor?

The key reason to have a mentor is to leverage, not only the knowledge of your mentor, but also your mentor’s network. Brian Tracy has introduced me to some incredible people, and I continue to benefit as a result. I challenge you to seek out mentors and to be a mentor as well.

This is an excerpt from my book: “Creating Your Own Destiny”

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