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How to Secure Win-Win Transactions

Success means creating win-win situationsYour best teacher is your last mistake.”  ~ Ralph Nader

Successful entrepreneurs understand the needs of their current and potential customers. For a win-win transaction, you need to identify and understand your customers’ goals, needs, and desires.

You also need to appreciate what your customers are looking for in life and how you can help meet their needs. As a result, you can and will offer win-win transactions to your customers, which in turn will build your business and drive satisfaction of having your business thrive and knowing you’ve truly helped someone.

Going the extra mile for a win-win transactionGoing the Extra Mile

Win-win transactions are a must if you are to market your products and services successfully and become an Affluent Entrepreneur.

A perfect example of a win-win transaction is an opportunity I recently had to speak for the Subway Restaurant world conference in Chicago in the summer of 2010.

My vice president of sales discovered the contact information for Subway’s meeting planner on the Internet.

It turned out the meeting planner was in Connecticut, and it just so happened that I was scheduled for a speaking engagement in New England and would also be visiting my son who attended Fairfield University.

I immediately sent out a signed copy of my book and my speaker kit. I then followed that up with an e-mail advising the meeting planner that I was going to be in town, and I would ideally like to drop by for a visit/interview. She agreed, and we set a date to meet.

When I visited her, we hit it off well, but I had one more curve ball to throw her (and little did I know she was going to blast it out of the park.)

As we departed, I said, “There is one more thing. If you are going to consider me as one of your speakers for your Chicago conference, then I am offering to volunteer a half day of my life to go into a Subway Restaurant and work alongside your other workers. I’m willing to bake bread, make cookies, fix sandwiches,even take out your trash.”

She looked at me with shock and said, “Why in the world would you offer to do that?”

I replied, “Doing so is the only way I can learn firsthand the challenges, issues, and obstacles that Subway franchise owners face on a daily basis. With this information I will be able to customize and create a presentation specifically geared to address that challenge.”

I will never forget the expression on her face. She told me she had been booking speakers for 20-plus years, and not once had a speaker ever offered to volunteer to work in a restaurant in preparation for his speech.

On a later trip to New England, I stopped by again in person while passing through and dropped off the updated version of my book. As a result, a few weeks later, she e-mailed me to let me know I was selected as one of their speakers.

Maling Subway Sandwiches created a win-win transactionMy sandwich making experience

She did take me up on my offer to work in a Subway Restaurant. I never worked so hard in my entire life. During the lunch hours, the line of customers never seemed to end.

I learned about the Subway terms of food rationing and “through-put”. I learned that I wanted to eat the product while I was working because it smelled so good. My favorite part of the day was when the big guy came through the line and demanded, “Don’t skimp on the tuna!”

Having the opportunity to walk a mile in the owner’s shoes, to be behind the counter, and to get to appreciate the employees’ daily tasks, made all the difference in the world in my understanding of my customer’s perspective, challenges, issues, pains, and fears.

How well do you empathize with and know your customers?

This topic from my newest book “The Affluent Entrepreneur”, is one of the subjects that I speak on.

If you are looking for a closing or keynote speaker I will be happy to customize topics to relate to the needs and interests of the audience I will be speaking to.

Please contact me  the next time you need an Opening Speaker.

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