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Write a Book – Become a Best-Selling Author

Write a book for marketing - Patrick SnowWhy should you write a book?

“The Affluent Entrepreneur’s” best kept secret is: “You should publish a book to promote your business. No other marketing strategy provides this large of a return on your investment!” ~ Patrick Snow

Many of Patrick’s clients call him “The World’s Greatest Publishing Coach”.

How did he earn the title?

More than fifteen years of his life has been spent developing his unique method to save you money and time as you work towards your publishing goals.

Patrick is an international best-selling author, whose book “Creating Your Own Destiny” is not only in its 10th edition, but is published in several languages besides English:

  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Indian
  • Indonesian
  • Nigerian

By following his system, you are guaranteed help in getting published within 3-18 months, and your book will be turned into a best-seller with 1-3 years.

Patrick’s Journey

Unable to find someone to publish his book in 1996, Patrick decided to self publish ( the only guaranteed way to get published), and reached his goal in 2001. His great success attracted the attention of several New York publishing compan8ies and recently signed a two book deal with John Wiley and Sons.

His second book “The Affluent Entrepreneur” was published by Wiley in 2010.

His strategy is to help you:

  • Self publish your book
  • Turn it into a bestseller
  • Get it noticed by major publishers.
  • Turn your book into a lead generating tool
  • Help you launch your coaching, speaking and consulting career

Enjoy Patrick’s video and then contact him for a complimentary 30 minute publishing consultation

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