Determination to Succeed

Determination and Passion Are Key to Entrepreneurial Success

Enjoy a new life and entrepreneurial lesson from Kaika – “Boy Entrepreneur”

HawaiianTourist-BoyEntrepreneurKaika could not wait for Saturday and Sunday to come. (who is Kaika and what is he trying to accomplish?)  Saturday he planned to sell his makau Hawaiian fishhook necklaces at the Kahului Swap Meet, and on Sunday and Monday he would sell them to the cruise ship tourists. He planned on selling three days a week and carving new inventory the other four days of the week.

Finally, Saturday came. Kaika woke at 6 a.m. and carried his ten makaus in a light blue milk crate he had found in his backyard, along with a white beach towel he pulled off the clothesline.

Upon arrival at the swap meet, he paid his fifty cents admission to enter the gate. He then proceeded down the entry ramp and found a spot of soft green grass. He emptied his milk crate of the ten makau fishhook necklaces, flipped over his milk crate, placed the white towel over the milk crate to create a nice looking, small sales presentation table, and then displayed his ten makau necklaces that he had hand carved. Next, he pulled a small sign out of his back pocket made from a cardboard cereal box at home. On it he had written with black marker:

Makau Fishhook Necklaces for Sale: $25

After about ten minutes or so, an older woman, who was one of the officials running the swap meet, quickly approached Kaika. She said,

“Young man, you cannot sell your makaus here! You need to purchase a booth under one of those white tents. In order for you to buy your sales booth, you need to have a business license. And to get a business license, you need to be eighteen years old. You are gong to have to gather these items up and leave the swap meet since you are not allowed to sell inside here. Besides, no one wants to buy necklaces that were made by a kid. They won’t think they’re very good quality.”

Discovering Determination…

EntrepreneurialDertermination-PatrickSnowKaika immediately frowned, packed up his sales display, and walked out the gate. As he walked out, he remembered his father telling him that the reason why he was named “Ikaika” was because he was “strong and powerful.” This thought stuck with him as he walked off, and he felt that perhaps all hope was not lost because the cruise ship was coming into port tomorrow, so he would have another shot at selling his makau necklaces.

Nonetheless, Kaika was still pretty down on himself and unsure whether his plan to earn money would work. Yet, he would stay strong, continue to follow his dream and his passion and stay determined to sell the product he had created.

Take a moment and write down your most marketable passions that you think you could develop into a product or service and take to market as an entrepreneur.

Stay tuned for Kaika’s continuing life lessons…

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