Fighting Adversity

What is the Best Way to Fight Adversity?

Enjoy a new life lesson from Kaika – “Boy Entrepreneur”

FightAdversity-PatrickSnowOn the way home, Kaika (who is Kaika and what is he trying to accomplish?) remembered that his mother had asked him to stop at Long’s Drugstore and buy a can of Spam for dinner. So he crossed the Hana Highway, went into the store, and bought some Spam and some white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies for dessert.

While waiting in line, he overheard a man speaking in a thick accent in another language. Meeting someone from a foreign country intrigued Kaika, so he asked the man, “Excuse me, sir. What language are you speaking and where are you from?” The man replied, “I’m from Naumburg, Germany, and I am speaking the German language.”

Kaika asked, “What is your name and what do you do for a living?” The man replied, “My name is Friedrich and I am a teacher and philosopher. I am here on vacation in Maui teaching a summer course at the University of Hawaii’s campus.” Kaika asked, “Since you’re a philosopher, what advice can you offer a kid who is going through a tough time?”

The power of Adversity…

Friedrich replied, “Tough times make for even tougher people. I would ask you to remember this quote for a lifetime. It will guide you through lots of healing and adversities:

“That which does not kill you, strengthens you.”

Kaika said, “Thank you. I will remember this advice!” He then took the Spam, cookies, and his sales receipt and headed out the door for home to plan his strategy for tomorrow.

Be determined to overcome.

OvercomeAdversity-PatrickSnowKaika was not about to give up. He was determined to succeed the next day selling under the banyan tree.

Kaika’s grandfather often shared with him how challenging things were back in the day. He figured that if his grandfather persevered, so could he. Kaika decided he would not give up.

Take a moment and write down the five greatest adversities in your life that you have overcome…

Stay tuned for Kaika’s continuing life lessons…

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