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Follow Your Dreams and Soar

FollowYourDreamsandSoar-PatrickSnowHave you ever felt discontented, lonely, perhaps that your life was unfulfilled? Have you ever achieved a goal, yet still remained unhappy? Have you ever desired to soar like an eagle?

Perhaps you have a soaring spirit inside of you waiting to be unleashed. Perhaps you have passions or dreams yet to be discovered, pursued or enjoyed. If you have ever felt this way, then you willl understand what Helen Keller meant when she said:

“One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.”

Now is the time to take action and soar in life. I challenge you to make permanent changes pursue your passions, create your own happiness and leave a lasting legacy.

Consider the amazing story of Cliff Young.

OvercomingObstacles-PatrickSnowCliff lived an average life as a potato farmer in Australia, mostly keeping to himself until, at age 57, he began pursuing a new passion for long-distance running. Soon he was often seen in the countryside training in a raincoat and gumboots, as he lived in a very wet region.

After a few years of training he shocked the world when, at age 61, he won the first Sydney-to-Melbourne ultra-marathon…a distance of 875 kilometers (nearly 545 miles). To run this distance at any age is quite a feat, but to run it at 61 and beat some of the best-conditioned athletes in the world, some of whom were a third his age, is absolutely incredible.

For years, experts in the sport of running believed that the body needed a certain amount of sleep per night when running almost 100 miles per day. However, after falling way behind on the first day, Cliff awoke at 1:00 a.m. and ran throughout the night. He surpassed the leaders, who slept thought till 5:00 a.m. His strategy worked so well that he continued to wake and start running four hours earlier than his competitors. As a result, he astonished the world when he crossed the finish line in first place after 5 days, 15 hours and 4 minutes.

The news of Cliff Young’s shocking victory quickly traveled through Australia, since no one thought he’d have a chance – especially since he was facing the country’s best long-distance runners. He became a legend, and the nation fell in love with this 61-year old potato farmer who saw the invisible and achieved the impossible.

He finished the same race again in 1984 and in 1987 at ages 62 and 65, and now his strategy of waking at 1:00 a.m. instead of 5:00 a.m. is widely practiced in this event. He broke a paradigm, overcame self-doubt and accomplished what no one in the world thought he could. He left a legacy of innovation and inspiration by pursuing his passions and dreams and not following the limiting beliefs held by so many others.

Another Dream Follower…

FollowYourDream-PatrickSnowNow consider the true story of another legend who attained happiness and left a legacy. At the age of 66 (after most of his life had passed), Harlan Sanders decided he wanted to go into the fried chicken business. He had what he absolutely believed to be the best fried chicken recipe in the world.

He started out by going to restaurants in his community and offering the owners his recipe if they would give him a small percentage of their increase in fried chicken sales. No one was interested, so he traveled in his old car, pitching his recipe from town to town all across the country. He was rejected time and time again. At times, due to little or not cash flow, he even slept in his car.

He did this for two years and was turned down over 2,000 times. He never gave up, and soon thereafter, someone did buy his recipe and it caught on. He certainly lived by the “next” mentality that I believe is a requirement for all entrepreneurs. Harlan Sanders became the multi-millionaire “Colonel Sanders” of Kentucky Fried Chicken before he passed on at 96 years old.

Age, health and other circumstances should not hold you back from pursuing your passions, making a difference in this world and leaving a legacy for others. No doubt about it, Cliff Young and Colonel Sanders soared in life, and you can do the same.

Leaving a legacy is not easy but I believe it is certainly worth pursuing. Think of the hardships and adversities Cliff Young overcame after running nonstop for almost six days before crossing the finish line to victory. Think of all those cold nights that Colonel Sanders slept in his car, contemplating giving up. As author Richard Bach wrote:

“Dream what you dare to dream. Be where you want to go. Be what you want to be. Live.”

**This is an excerpt from my book: “Creating Your Own Destiny”

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