Joint Ventures

The Power In Joint Venturing

“80% of all products and services that will be on the market in five years do not exist today. So therefore, always be innovative, always be creative, always think, ‘What new products or services could I create, could I represent, could I joint venture?” Sometimes you can find someone else that has a fabulous product or service that you can use your existing business or resources to sell and you can double your income or sales in your business by selling somebody else’s product to the same customers that are buying yours.” – Brian Tracy


In my last article, I talked about Leveraging Your Neworks, today we’ll talk about The Power of Joint Ventures…

Almost any new business endeavor a person attempts will require some capital (cash). Joint Venures are potentially profitable money-making endeavors for those who need start-up capital. The understanding required for entering joint ventures (JV) is fairly simple. In short, a JV dealmaker acts as a middleman putting two parties together, then earns a share of the newfound profits when both parties benefit from the new arrangements.

Joint ventures can also be structured within a person’s existing job. An employee makes arrangements with his or her imployer to allow the employee to uncover hidden profits within the business in exchange for a percentage of the newfound profits. One of the best ways to engineer joint ventures is to take strategies that are working successfully in one industry and introduce them to another industry.

“It is not what you know, but who you know”

JV’s are one of the best ways to create tremendous income for your business…

ZeroMoney-PatrickSnowYou can literally start with zero money. People who understand the power of JV deal-making can be stripped of all their clothes, money, wallet and contacts and put cash in their pockets within hours. Well, maybe you might need some clothes? You can get the biggest bang for your buck and time with JV deal-making. There are no limits. There can be residual income. Some individuals have made hundreds of millions with joint ventures. The majority of income from Fortune 500 Corporations comes from joint ventures.

Three simple examples of joint venture deal-making…

You can put these to use without the need for any capital (cold hard cash).

  1. IncreasedProfits-PatrickSnowYou do some research on the subject of creative marketing referral programs. After you discover a few that you really like, you go to a company and make the following proposition: “Ms. Business Owner, I have an irrisistable proposition for you. I have some unique referral programs that can dramatically increase your sales. Here is what I propose…You and I determine what your current sales levels are. Then we test my three different referral programs. Once we discover which one works best for your business, you pay me 20% of the increase in sales revenue that results from my referral method for as long as you use it.
  2. You make contact with several self-published authors who have published books on successful selling tactics. Acting as a middleman, you make arrangements to market each other’s respective books to each other’s mailing lists, earning a percentage of all sales made.
  3. Mortgage Company A only does “A credit loans.” You act as a middleman to have Company A send their poor credit clients to Company B, who specializes in these loans, for a referral fee (laws permitting).

My JV program…

My vice president of business development and I have put together a unique “one of a kind” joint venture affiliate program where you can have your own free Internet business by working with us as JV partners. Our program is focused on personal growth, business ownership and money-making strategies with potentially lucrative affiliate referral fees and ongoing residual income.

If you have always wanted your own home-based business, then become our Joint Venture Destiny Partner. To become a Joint Venture Partner, email my Vice President of Business Development, Michael Helgeson at

In our next article we’ll continue the discussion and talk about  Surrounding Yourself With Greatness, Choosing Mentors.

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