Life Blessings

Focusing On Life’s Many Blessings

Enjoy a new life and entrepreneurial lesson from Kaika – “Boy Entrepreneur”

LifesBlessings-PatrickSnowOne evening as Kaika and his friends rode their bikes to Kahului to play waffle ball under the banyan tree, they noticed a group of tourists walking back from the grocery store.  (who is Kaika and what is he trying to accomplish?) The tourists passed under the banyan tree on their way back to the cruise ship that was in port for the weekend.

Every Sunday morning at eight o’clock for as long as Kaika could remember, a huge cruise ship would pull into Kahului, Maui harbor, and stay until Monday night around six o’clock. Each week, the ship brought nearly 3,000 tourists to Maui from all over the world. On this particular Sunday evening, Kaika and his friends noticed one of the tourists could barely walk and used a cane. As the tourist approached Kaika and his friends under the banyan tree, he yelled, “Why are these birds making so much noise?” Kaika replied, “Every night around dusk, thousands of myna birds return to their banyan trees for the night, and just before they go to sleep, they ‘talk story’ by sharing their adventures from the day with the other birds.” The tourist laughed, and with a slur in his voice, he said, “These birds would be better off just checking into a hotel, don’t you think?”

When Kaika laughed, the tourist asked, “What is our name young man?” Kaika replied, “My name is Kaika and this tree is their hotel! What is your name, and where are you from?” The tourist said, “My name is Al and I live in Seattle.” Kaika then asked, “Why do you talk funny and have to walk with a cane?” Al replied, “When I was a teenager, I was in a motorcycle accident. As a result, I am paralyzed on one side of my body.” Kaika replied, “Is life depressing knowing you are going to spend the rest of your life talking with a slur, barely being able to walk, and being half paralyzed?” “Of course not,” replied Al. “I am happy as can be.!”

Al’s words reminded Kaika that he was sad. He said, “Well I am not very happy at all. I am sad because my father is away in the military, and my mom can’t afford to send me with my team to the baseball tournament in California!” Al looked at Kaika for a moment and then said, “Kaika, let me share with you the secret to my happiness.

The secret to my happiness is:

“Focus on what you have, not what you don’t have!”

BestFriends-PatrickSnow“You have your friends, you still have your mother (whom I am sure you love very much), and you have the beautiful surroundings of Maui, this banyan tree, these birds, the blue ocean, the rainbows, and I bet you have many other reasons to be happy.  Kaika, I challenge you to focus on what you have, not what you don’t!” As Al limped away with his cane in hand, he yelled out, “And one more thing: stay away from motorcycles!”

Kaika smiled, waived goodbye to Al, and knew he was truly blessed to meet Al that day. He decided from then on that he would focus on his blessings, instead of the things he did not have. Also, Kaika was so inspired by this quote that he decided to start a quote journal that evening when he got home. His mother’s and Al’s quote would be the first entries.


Take a moment and write down three of your most important blessings.

Stay tuned for Kaika’s continuing life lessons…

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