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Are You Looking for a Better Way to Set and Achieve Your Goals?

SettingGoalsOnline-PatrickSnowFor those of you who like to do everything online and keep a permanent record of all of our goals, I would like to introduce you to a company that is forever changing the landscape of how we set and achieve goals. Mindbloom™ is a company whose technology is rather mind-blowing.

What is Mindbloom™?

It is a social game that inspires real-life change. Created by award-winning graphic designers and game developers, it offers a fun, simple, and rewarding way to grow a healthy, balanced, and meaningful life with family and friends via the Web, Facebook, and mobile devices.

How does Mindbloom™ work?

Mindbloom-PatrickSnowMindbloom™ community members access the application online either from,, or one of Mindbloom’s™ sponsored sites. New users select the three most important branches in life for them and after a couple of quick steps, the user’s Life Tree is created for them. Users are encouraged to invite family and friends to enjoy the experience, building a community almost from the very first commitment they make.

The user’s Life Tree evolves naturally – based on what is important at any given moment, and upon the unique areas, intentions, and actions that are most desired or highest priorities for the individual user. Users can also add images from their own photo libraries, enhancing their experience, and provide encouragement and support for their fellow Life Tree cultivators. Communication tools built into Mindbloom™ allow journaling about experiences, with an option to share those journal entries with varying degrees of privacy. Communication can range from sharing a journal entry with an entire Facebook community, or sending a solo snail mail to closest friends.

What is the objective of Mindbloom™ Life Game?

Its objective is to grow the life you want by creating and maintaining a Life Tree where the branches represent the areas of life most important to you (e.g., health, spirituality, relationships, leisure, lifestyle, finances, creativity, and career), and the leaves represent specific goals, passions, or dreams.

By taking small steps toward those goals, passions, or dreams on a regular basis (i.e., drink eight glasses of water per day), you will not only grow and maintain a healthy tree (and life!), but you will earn seeds (i.e., points) you can spend on additional branches, leaves and actions. And, as you earn more seeds, your tree will automatically be “upgraded” to new environments.

Like life itself, the Mindbloom’s™ Life Game is not about the end result, but about the journey. Goals, passions, and dreams will continually change, but as long as you are taking small steps everyday and having fun, then you’ve already won!

The benefits of the Mindbloom™ experience…

GoalReminder-PatrickSnowThe key benefits that people report are that Mindbloom™ reminds them daily of the kind of person they want to be – the kind of spouse, parent, employee, and community member who does the right thing most of the time, and aspires to do well every single day. Mindbloom™ serves as a conduit of encouragement and support that also makes it fun to live fully and conscientiously. And, it evolves with you. Your Life Tree can change as you change, to grow and flourish in new directions, while old growth can be pruned away when that growth segment is complete.

Because every Life Tree is unique and crafted by hand by the person whose life it represents, Life Trees become highly valued – almost sacred to their creators. Most valuable of all, communities form around these growth experiences. We all know we work harder when someone is watching, and Mindbloom™ not only lets us watch but also allows us to shout out encouragement and support to others in a meaningful and personalized manner, whether shouting from the rooftops to your online communities or whispering to your closest confidantes within the confines of your most personal, private and protected branches.

Mindbloom provides the perfect framework for making our heart’s desires known, while keeping us moving in the right direction with intention and integrity. To better position yourself to invest in your dreams, passions, and future, visit Mindbloom™ today.

Mindbloom™ is just one unique way you can take ownership for your thoughts, your actions, and the resultant changes that you experience. Whether you use this application, or my free goal sheets, or some other format, what is important is conscious living. Daily mindfulness helps us to keep our best intentions and desired outcomes at the forefront of our lives, and the net result is a sense of purposes, productivity, and personal satisfaction.

This is an excerpt from my book: “The Affluent Entrepreneur

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