Start a Successful Business Part 4

A Roadmap to Starting a Successful Business   Part 4

BusinessSolution-CreatingYourOwnDestinyIn part one of this series,  I covered steps 1 – 5  and in part two, I covered steps 6 – 10, of 20 suggestions (which I have developed over the years as a result of both my business success and setbacks), and in part 3, I covered steps 11-15 (which deal a lot with relationships). I believe that if you follow these steps, your chances of success are far better than 47%. If you skip over them, you might as well just go to a casino, where you may have better odds. Today, we’ll complete the list by talking about steps 17-20.

20 Suggestions to Start a Successful Business (cont.)

17) – Determine your solution

It is important to know the value proposition of your product or service. In other words, what problem does your product or service solve for your clients? This is important to identify for your business to be successful. If you don’t know what need your product or service meets in the market, then you may never succeed in business. Your company must solve other people’s needs. In doing so your clients will tell others about you, and your company will continue to grow.

18) – Leverage the Internet

InternetforBusiness-PatrickSnowYou can’t be everywhere all the time. For that reason, it is important to leverage the Internet by having a solid Web site that ranks high with the search engines to bring prospects to your Web store. However, if you are not a technical person, I highly encourage you to leverage another person or company’s expertise and have them build and maintain your site instead of spending time doing it yourself. You could spend thousands of hours on your site, but this is time you could be marketing your business instead.

19) – Getting started

Getting started in business can be a scary proposition, so much so that we must develop a high level of courage to overcome our fears and move forward. This concept reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from an unknown source:

Courage is the ability to let go of the familiar.”

Get a business license, set up your company’s legal structure and start saving all your receipts for taxes. Once this is done, make sure that you accomplish something each day for your business. Too many people get started in business and then take a few weeks off here and there and then never get back on track.

20) – Never give up until you win


Too many people give up on their dreams just inches shy of their gold mine. The world is filled with people who gave up too soon and who now remain dependent on their jobs to support their families. Business ownership is one of the best ways to attain wealth. However, to accomplish your goals, you must stay the course the entire way and remain committed.

Best of luck as you pursue your passion – your dream…

This is an excerpt from my book: “Creating Your Own Destiny

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