Your Destination

Have You Determined Your Destination?

Do you know your destination?You must know what you want to accomplish before you can begin taking specific steps to make your dreams and destiny a reality. What is your destination?

This reminds me of our last flight to Hawaii. My family and I boarded the airplane in Seattle bound for Honolulu. After the flight had been airborne for some time, the pilot made an announcement:

Ladies and gentlemen I have two pieces of news for you. One of them is good and the other is not so good.

The good news is that we have a 200 mile–per-hour tailwind, so we’re making great time!

The bad news is that we are hopelessly lost somewhere over the Pacific, and we have not idea where we are.

We may not know where we’re going, but we sure are getting there awfully fast!”

Now in this case, we made it to Hawaii safely. But similar things happen to us all the time don’t they?

Are you on course?

Does your life feel at times like a lost plane, hurtling through the sky (life) “awfully fast” but so hopelessly lost? Many people are like this. Being able to visualize exactly what it is that you want to accomplish in life is a way to prevent this.

Visualization gives your mind the ability to chart out your destination in advance (just as flight crews do every day).

Think about it: How is it that planes from all over the world are able to traverse across the largest ocean on earth and land on a tiny speck of land in Hawaii?

There are many correct answers, but the best answer for this example is that the pilots of all these planes have predetermined their destination in advance.

We can determine our destination

I believe that we are also programmed with the ability to predetermine our destinations in advance. We do this by creating a vision in our minds, then taking daily action toward our visions, and never giving up, despite what everyone else says we can or cannot accomplish.

I urge you to tap into your inner visions and determine you destination in advance. What is the vision for your life and where are you going? It is never too late to change or adjust your course – even if you are already in mid-flight. These mid-flight adjustments are part of the reality of flying.

The same holds true in life. What mid-life adjustments are needed in your life?

Visualization (the ability to see the invisible) is what allows you to live out your dreams and become fulfilled in life.

Without a destination you're on a road to nowhereA lack of visualization steers you down a course that leads to nowhere. It takes you to a place where you are not in control and resentment is sure to set in, because you have ended up somewhere you never wanted to go.

“The road to someday leads to a place called nowhere.” ~ Anthony Robbins

Successful people know that action – on a daily basis – must happen to make your vision become a reality.

This is  an excerpt from my book “Creating Your Own Destiny”.

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